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Measurement: 27 * 17.5 * 12 (cm)
Material: Nylon Waterproof

Product Features:
1. Large-capacity internal structure, regardless of the size of cosmetics, glasses, coins, mobile phones & etc.
2. Inside is made of leather, waterproof material, smooth surface, easy to clean.
3. The colorful cosmetic bag easy to folded and stored


Bag design is very practical, ultra high volume, has an adjustable shoulder strap and dual with the handle, pockets a lot.

Size> large bag: 40*16*28CM / Bottle Casing 20*6CM /
small bag 24*10*22CM
Feature> package is a Velcro Pocket closures and easy to
clean, dirty, wipe with water
Color> as shown
Material> 600D padded inner layer to waterproof PVC
material / lining PVC

【相关配置】大包1个 40*16*28cm

小包一个 24*10*22cm

奶瓶袋一个 20*6cm